Saturday’s long run was and up and out early, started at 06:30 with a fine drizzle to keep cool, finished in the sunshine. I planned to run a half in whatever time I took, go easy and just enjoy the run.

5 miles in I had the crazy idea to extend the run to 18 miles. I’d already planned out some longer routes with a view to doing a full marathon, so I knew where I was going and what to expect.

I was taking my time and stopped for a minute to chat to a road cyclist, we wished each other a great morning.

The first half of the run was pretty cool with some light drizzle to keep me cool. But as the run went on the clouds cleared and the temperature rose. It became a full on sunny day.

By mile 17 I was getting pretty tired, so when I said a friendly good morning to an elderly lady in the park and she stopped to reciprocate, I had a few minutes chat there too.

The 1.5l in my hydration pack just about lasted the full route, even if it was getting a little warm. I really could have done with some extra fuel for a run of that distance and in future will be stocking some energy to carry with me.

Post run, other than a massive appetite to eat anything in my path, being tired on Saturday evening I feel great off the back of it.

All in all, it was a really good run, I loved being out and I am very proud to be able to complete that distance.