Running, because punching people is frowned upon!

Every runner has a different running journey. One person’s favourite run will be sheer hell to another. The one thing we have in common is that we actually run. Some of us like to talk about running too.. A lot!

Why are you here reading this and not out running?

This is my website, I’m Stew and I’m a 45 year old runner from the Northwest of England. I’m still trying to work out if I’m running towards something or away from it. I guess time will tell.

My current ‘happy distance’ is a half marathon. When I say happy, I mean it’s a distance that I can just think “I’ve got a couple of hours and fancy a long run”, then just go out and do it.

Everyones running is different and for me that means there’s no right or wrong. Okay, there’s bad technique that you could improve to make you go faster or avoid potential injury.

Pulling on my trainers and heading out on a run makes me smile every time and no two runs are the same. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes hard and on occasions I want to throw up!

The most important thing about your running is just that, it’s yours to enjoy how and when you want to. Alone, in a group, a club, even organised events and races. Time and distance are unimportant, the action is!

What I’m talking about

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My running achievements so far…

I’ve been running on and off over the last few years but have only recently (August. 2019) really enjoyed it and actively called myself a runner. I’ll keep the table below updated with my personal bests and achievements as and when they happen. Hopefully I can add 20 miles and a then a full marathon to the table soon.

Half Marathon1:44:137:57
Pace is minutes per mile.

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